Choose the best fit for your business.


Unlike other consulting companies, I offer service packages which are designed to fit to your needs. Each package contains a set of activities and comes with an affordable flat rate. If your basic marketing actions are running well but you want to get more social then just choose the respective "Get Social" package, or you want to increase sales then you can choose the "Sales boost" package. You can also choose more multiple packages or decide for "Go pro" which covers all marketing items in one package.

Just check them out, and decide which packages are the best for your business.

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Focuses on basic essential items and delivers a minimum base for initial marketing activities.


Minimum package includes:

  • 6 hours consulting.
  • Definition of client’s market position.
  • Market research report.
  • Marketing fitness check.

Focuses on corporate identity and delivers companies a professional brand presence.


Minimum package includes:

  • 8 hours consulting.
  • Definition of client’s corporate identity incl. fonts, colors, imagery.
  • Set-up of branding tools and guidelines.
  • Logo and stationery design.

Focuses on communication and delivers strategy for effective communication with customers.


Minimum package includes:

  • 10 hours consulting.
  • Set-up of communication tools.
  • Creation of digital & mobile communication platforms.
  • Strategy setting for PR activities.
  • Success monitoring and reporting.


Focuses on sales boosting promotions and delivers measurable campaign ideas.


Minimum package includes:

  • 15 hours consulting.
  • Definition of client’s sales targets.
  • Generation of sales promotion ideas.
  • Set-up and management of campaigns.
  • Success monitoring and reporting.

Focuses on customer loyalty and delivers strategies for customer retention.


Minimum package includes:

  • 14 hours consulting.
  • Building-up of customer data base.
  • Set-up of customer incentive tool.
  • Generation of loyalty campaign ideas.
  • Success monitoring and reporting.

Focuses on customer involvement and delivers social marketing strategies.


Minimum package includes:

  • 13 hours consulting.
  • Building-up social media presence.
  • Content & community management.
  • Success monitoring and reporting.

Offers full marketing service including all package items.


Minimum package includes:

  • 40 hours consulting.
  • All package items.

On top:

  • Partnership deals.
  • Long term strategy setting.
  • In-depth analysis and monitoring.

Offers customized solutions based on client needs.


Minimum package includes:

  • Project set-up.
  • Proposal presentation.

Further notes:

  • Flat rates apply on each package.
  • Above packages show minimum consulting hours, they may increase according to scope of work.
  • All packages include consulting services only, any production and operational services will be offered via partners and charged additionally.