Your business will improve in just 5 steps. 

  • Introduction of your company
  • Definition of your needs and the work scope
  • Collection of key information
  • Talking about conditions
  • Finishing coffee and proceeding to next step

  • Applying marketing fitness check
  • Evaluating customer input
  • Defining applicable service package
  • Preparing business proposal
  • Briefing client and getting green light to proceed.
pencil41 orange.png

  • Setting action plan and timeline
  • Defining performance metrics
  • Engaging solution partners
  • Allocating budget and staff
  • Finalizing agreements

  • Putting plan into action
  • Instruct, educate and coach throughout the plan
  • Doing adjustments according to the needs
  • Ensuring smooth implementation

  • Measuring activity results
  • Evaluating customer feedback
  • Tracking social media performance
  • Preparing monitoring dashboard
  • Using various tools for optimum monitoring